The Importance of Summer Training

ballet students practicing during summer intensive in 2014

Students during CTBC’s Summer Intensive 2014

Dancing in the summer is essential to any young dancer. Since ballet is taught by repetition and muscle memory, taking an entire summer off is detrimental to young dancers and their progress. Not only will a dancer taking the entire summer off not improve with his or her peers, that dancer will also regress in the hard work they made all year long! Dancers leave end summer programs with a sense of accomplishment knowing that all their hard work has paid off.

CTBC requires dancers in level 3 and up to participate in at least two weeks of intensive dancing each summer to maintain and improve on technique. Some of our dancers participate in our summer intensive, but many of our advanced students audition for some of the most prestigious programs in the country. We have had students accepted to American Ballet Theatre* in NYC and other locations, Pacific Northwest Ballet*, Ballet Arizona*, Orlando Ballet*, The Joffrey Ballet Academy Chicago, Houston Ballet*, and Ballet Austin*, just to name a few.

Why are summer intensives so important to a young dancer?

Focus: Students are given the opportunity to perfect their craft without worrying about school or grades, so they can focus completely.
Rate of Improvementt: Students can dance many more hours during the summer than during the academic year! Like with anything else, young dancers improve immensely when they increase the hours they are practicing.
New Teachers: Students who go to other institutions for summer study gain insight from world class faculty from around the world. Sometimes all a student needs to get that next pirouette is to hear something explained in a different way than their “home” teacher does.
Networking: At summer intensives, students are literally making friends and dancing with the ballet stars of tomorrow. They are also working with directors of ballet companies, professional dancers, choreographers, and teachers who decide who gets hired for a professional job. Summer intensives are a starting point for a career in ballet.
Resume Building: Attended ABT NY- one of the most selective summer intensives in the country? Received a scholarship with Pacific Northwest Ballet for summer study?

Wow! These are the things that will stick out when auditioning for companies or university programs. At that level, everyone has high legs and beautiful pirouettes. How will you stand out?

There is no debating the importance of summer study serious dancers.

Summer Intensive 2015 Flier

Summer Intensive 2015 Flier

–Summer Intensive 2015 dancers.

*with scholarship