Interview with Danielle

Danielle studied dance at ABT North Carolina during her summer

Danielle studied dance at ABT North Carolina during her summer

As we head towards July, our advanced dancers are finally coming home from their summer intensives. Over the next few weeks, we will be hearing from several dancers about their experiences away from home. First up, we will hear from Danielle, a CTBC level 6 student.

Name: Danielle Kessler

Age: 15

Program attended: ABT (American Ballet Theatre) North Carolina

What was the placement class like? I was very nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect, but once I started dancing I felt confident in my steps and just tried to enjoy the class.

Who was your favorite teacher? Why? My favorite teacher was Mr. Molina because of the way he explained corrections and advice. He motivated me to work hard that by the end of class I was dripping sweat. The next day after the program had ended my family and I ran into him at the airport and I was able to talk one on one with him and my family.

What was the hardest part? The hardest part was having to say goodbye to my classmates and friends. After spending so much time with them it’s weird not waking up and walking to the studio with them.

How was it different than CTBC? There were a lot more people in my class then there would normally be at a class at CTBC. I also took classes that we don’t have at CTBC, for example yoga, character, or partnering.

What was your favorite part? My favorite part of the program were the trips that we went on, for example we went to see Paul Taylor perform and we watched fireworks on the fourth of July

Was there a performance? If so, what did you do? My level (Green) performed friends from the ballet Coppelia. I thought it was a wonderful dance and I enjoyed performing it. Our teachers also gave us the background of the ballet like when it was first performed and the original choreographer.

Was it hard being away from home? Since I went away last year to ABT in California it wasn’t as hard having to say goodbye to my family, but I would still get homesick from time to time.

Best advice from a teacher there: “Stir the soul of the person watching you.” – Christine Spizzo.

Anything else you would like to add? I’m glad I was able to spend my summer with wonderful dancers and teachers. I loved every minute of it.