How To Survive a Long Day at the Studio

Saturday morning. 9am. Bun’s up. Tights on. Let’s do this!

Saturday morning at the studio can be difficult, waking up early to get in those extra rehearsal hours is often worth it, but sometimes Saturday mornings feel more like Mondays. Here are three tips on how to survive a long day at the studio for parents and dancers!

  1. Dancers: make sure you pack a big water bottle and lots of nutritious snacks. Water keeps you hydrated and energized through out the day, which will make a long day of rehearsals seem a little shorter. Eating a good breakfast in the morning sets you up for success for the rest of the day – make sure to eat something with enough protein and complex carbs to keep those muscles satiated throughout the day!
    Parents: Didn’t get your coffee this morning? Well, you’re in luck. While you should also be eating a nutritious breakfast each morning, its also important to stay caffeinated. If you’re planning on waiting around for your young dancer to get out of class, stopping at Stellar Cafe on the square (a short five minute walk from the studio) which offers straight coffee, and other specialty drinks if you’re feeling fancy. A little farther, but just as great is Jo On the Go, a small coffee shop next to Which-Wich and the Colloquium Bookstore.

  2. Parents: Go on a walk! The studio is located at a great spot on the square, near restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores and more. The first Saturday of each month there is a farmers market right across the street and is a great way to spend time outside and pass the time.

    Dancers: If you have time in between classes or rehearsals, bring your homework or a good book to read… or stretch to keep your muscles warm and so you’re ready to fill in for anyone!

  3. Parents & Dancers: Bring something comfortable to wear, a sweater, and comfy shoes can go a long way if you’re waiting in our lobby all morning, or taking a stroll, or just trying to keep your muscles warm through out your day.

Spending so much time at a dance studio can seem to take up all of your time, especially on weekends. But if you’re proactive about the time you spend here, you will end up a lot happier and organized whenever you’re done with class. Be proactive, not inactive!

I asked the younger dancers to write down their hopes for the coming year, and have put a few below!

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Emma Kypuros is the Office Assistant at Central Texas Ballet Conservatory. She is a student at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Tx. She is a Global Studies Major with an interest in writing, having published with the Odyssey Online, Lead Through Strengths online, and personal blogs. She danced at CTBC 2011-2015 and has worked in the office since 2014.

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