Got Gratitude?


In honor of the thanksgiving holiday, it is often the practice of expressing what we are grateful for. It can be intimidating and often a little difficult to always pinpoint exactly what we are grateful for. What I have learned though, is that I am most grateful for the things, people, and places that have shaped me into who I am today. The next step then, is pinpointing what those things are.

One of the most powerful shapers in my life was the training I received at CTBC during middle school and high school. I learned about self discipline, and the harmony between my body and soul, I learned how to roll out of a fall if something didn’t work out. I was taught to work hard, and be graceful when I fell, just as much as I learned to laugh at myself and how to work as a part of one unit, or corps. Some of my best friends and I met at dance, (almost a decade ago). I would not be who I am today without this place, or the people.

Here at CTBC, we strive to create an atmosphere where growth in all aspects of life is encouraged, something I have gotten to experience first hand.

I asked some of our dancers to share what they are grateful for as well.

What are you thankful for?

“I am grateful for CTBC because it has been my home for 13 years. The technique and general atmosphere of the studio has made me who I am today. Dance is a fun way to stay active and express myself artistically.”

Brittni Van Dine (right), age 16. 


“CTBC has given me a second family that I’m able to have fun with in and out of the studio. When you step into the studio it’s like you’re stepping away from your problems.”


Mikayla Stewart (left), age 16.


“Dance has let me become a very confident person because it takes a lot to go out there and dance in front of so many people. Dance makes me happy, it is my stress reliever. If I am having a bad or difficult day, going to dance calms me down and keeps my mind off things. CTBC has given me the privilege of making amazing friends that I love, and doing something I love.”


Alex Esparza, age 15.


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