Conservatory Division

Students who are 6 and up are required to take a placement class to participate in the Conservatory Division. Foundation ballet class is for students who are ready to begin studying ballet more seriously and serves as the bridge between the Primary and Conservatory Divisions. Placement in the Conservatory is based on individual progress and not age. Classes progress in a graded syllabus to bring students from a beginning level to an advanced level, and students must meet a minimum number of classes each week. Usually each student remains in each level for at least 2 years.

  • Foundation Ballet: Ages 6+, 60 min 2 classes/ week, or 90 min 1 class/ week
  • Level One: minimum 2 classes/ week
  • Level Two: minimum 2 classes/ week
  • Level Three: minimum 3 classes/ week and 2 pre-pointe/ pointe classes for ladies
  • Level Four: minimum 3 classes/week and 2 pre-pointe/ pointe classes for ladies
  • Level 5: minimum 4 classes/ week
  • Level 6: minimum 5 classes/ week

Students are also encouraged to take classes in other styles of dance such as contemporary, jazz, and tap.