Goodbye, 2016 & Hello 2017!

We’ve reached the end of a wonderful fall semester, dancers and friends. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this year one of the best yet! We wish you a wonderful holiday season, and can’t wait to see you back on January 9th. (Miss Kelly’s wedding will be the 8th, so make sure to tell her congrats when you see her!)

If you haven’t gone holiday shopping yet, below are some ideas to save money and have fun making gifts for loved ones! There are also a few suggestions if you don’t know what to get your little dancer 🙂

  1. Discount Dance Supply Gift Card! A more affordable option, and a fun way for your dancer to pick out a new leotard, or some new dance accessories! Cheers, to the end of a great fall semester, CTBC!
  2. Homemade and decorated sugar cookies! A fun activity for the whole family, and a loving gift for family members and friends. All you need: Sugar cookie mix, some seasonal sprinkles and food coloring for icing, a few boxes or mason jars to put the cookies in for delivery!  

3. Homemade holiday cards! There are a bunch of different ways to make your own holiday cards, with watercolor, tempera paint, markers and crayons, pipe cleaners, or glitter glue. One of my favorite memories as a kid was making my own cards for people, its personal and unique and a good way to spend time inside without electronics.

4. Or for those of you, who are seasoned DIY-ers, this blog has an awesome Cinnamon face scrub recipe that’s easy to follow and super delicious looking!


I hope these were some creative ideas if you lacked inspiration, and I hope you enjoy them.

Whatever you do this holiday season, know that the greatest gift we have is each other, our friends and our family. Cherish the quiet moments by the fireplace with your coffee or tea in hand, with your grandparents, watching your kids open their stockings, giddy with excitement. Please build snowmen if you’re somewhere with snow, and send us some great pictures! Drink a lot of hot coco and eat lots of delicious holiday treats, and get ready to come back for Spring 2017 at CTBC!

Cheers from us to you, happy holidays and a happy new year!

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