New Years Resolutions at CTBC

Welcome back dancers!

We hope your new year has started off well, Texas has been experiencing some crazy weather, 70 degrees one day, and pouring rain the next!

This week we are talking about RESOLUTIONS! Have you set them? How do you set an attainable resolution in terms of ballet?

The ballet world is a lot about baby steps, and strengthening our foundation of movements and working our way up to bigger things. For example getting a higher arabesque, is a lot more work than simply coming to class everyday, and performing the exact same way. If you want a higher arabesque, you have to put in the extra work of strength building, stretching, and knowing when to push yourself. Mrs. Grossman always says, “if it feels easy, you’re probably doing it wrong.” This means, that there is always, always, always something to work on in ballet. You can always make your plie more gooey, or your frappe sharper, you can always add more turns in your pirouette… it just takes a little extra time.

So what will your resolutions be?

Maybe you want to work on getting your splits, or getting stronger on pointe. Both of those resolutions will take extra time outside of the studio, strengthening with Thera-bands, stretching before bed, and so on.

In the dance world, resolutions often require much more dedication than everyday resolutions, so don’t set a goal so high you may never reach it. Instead, set small goals, like baby steps toward your big reach goal, and focus on the small wins. The world outside ballet focuses and stresses RESULTS, how fast you can achieve something is often valued over how well you can do something. However, dance is entirely dependent on how well you can do something because you will never be able to do it faster, if you can’t do it well to begin with. Our work gets sloppy when we skip the baby steps, that’s why we start everyday at barre and warm up with plies and tendus, regardless of age or level. Ballet is about discipline and details and the harmony between the big and small stuff.

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